Meenoi releases a single titled “WGC” featuring Yumdda. It was released on youtube under 8BallTown today –February 21st, 2021. 

It’s a track with odd vibes, mainly because of Meenoi’s deadpan and slightly auto-tuned, echoing, and layered vocals. The video amps up the feeling with a lot of sudden zooms and camera movements, as well as effects in editing. 

I’d recommend listening to it at least once –just to hear Meennoi say Yumdda’s iconic “baku” line, if nothing else. It might turn you into a fan of Meenoi’s unique vocals!

If you are interested in seeing more from her, other recent song from her is her much more upbeat song “DA DA!” featuring pH-1 and the summery “Sunbeam” from her last album. She was also on Rising Verse in December.