Today, 02/22/21, ourealgoat has released the album 죽을힘을 다하여” (with all my might.) The album consists of 13 tracks and features artists DboLeellamarzZene The Zilla, and more. 

Track List: 
1. 주인공 (Hero)
2. 진저리 (Sick of it) ft. Leellamarz, ZENE THE ZILLA
3. 바닥에서부터 (From the bottom)
4. 악착같이 (Persistently) ft. 호미들
5. 처방책 (Prescription)
6. 한 번 사는 생 (Once-in-lifetime)
7. 죽을힘을 다하여 (With all my might)
8. 단독 (Alone) ft. IGNITO
9. 무덤덤 (Indifferent)
10. 시간은 금 (Time is gold)
11. 행동 (Behavior)
12. 버프 (Buff) ft. Dbo
13. 목표로 빼곡한 공책 (A book full of goals)

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