Organic was released on August 25, 2021. The single album contains two tracks, “Shy (eh o)” and “BOLO” featuring rapper YDG.

Penomeco has been on a roll this year. His latest album Dry Flower was released back in April. He has also featured on tracks from Rhythm Power and Coogie, but his newest release Organic is what we’re here to talk about today.

Penomeco seems to take notes from afro pop and Latin elements with these two tracks. In “Shy (eh o)” he says “hey pretty lady, where you goin’? I still got a lot to say.” He asks the woman in question to be his lady in a very direct way, contrasting the song title. The song has a subtle yet irresistible groove, thanks to producer APRO. “Shy” really starts to pick up energy at the chorus, especially when Q the Trumpet comes in – his trumpet playing just livens the song up and takes it to the next level. I could go on and on about what a great addition Q was to this track. I thought it was a nice song for sure, but that trumpet playing is something special, and I wish we could have had just a bit more.

“BOLO” is the second track, and the word is Nigerian slang for “fool.” Penomeco is saying to the recipient “baby don’t act like a fool” and asking her to realize his feelings. I found his staccato delivery of the “어디 볼까, get your number” part to be quite addicting. It was fun to hear Penomeco effortlessly flow through the highs and lows of his vocal range. He doesn’t try hard because he doesn’t have to, we all know what a great vocalist he is. YDG holds his own on “BOLO.” His lyrics are about what you’d expect from a rapper, but it was nice to hear him sing. It’s worth mentioning that Made By Me contributed quite a bit to this song: bass, guitar, synths, and he’s credited on the composition and arrangement.

Overall, this bite-sized single album is subtle and soulful, with just the right amount of spice to make the listener want more. It’s definitely more of an appetizer, so if you’re looking for a full entree I would suggest also checking out Dry Flower. It’s full of upbeat, danceable tracks that are sure to suit your fancy. For dessert, I suggest Coogie’s sweet track “UP & DOWN” featuring Mirani and (of course) Penomeco.

There are two music videos to accompany these songs. “Shy” splits focus between Penomeco himself and various female dancers, while “BOLO” features Penomeco and YDG by themselves. It was cool to see a glimpse of how these videos were captured using drone and car-mounted cameras, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s even two behind-the-scenes, “making of” videos!

Penomeco is rumored to be enlisting in his mandatory military service this year. If this is true, it makes sense that he’s been working so hard to keep his fans well-fed. We’re certainly not complaining – we’ll take whatever Penomeco blesses us with, wish him luck and good health, and anxiously await his return.

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Watch Shy (eh o) and BOLO on YouTube.

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